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Poke History

To fully understand the evolution of “Poke” and the start of HI Tide Poke & Raw Bar, we must examine the origins of Hawaii’s popular dish, the Ahi Shoyu Poke. Ahi Shoyu Poke consists of raw tuna, soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, onion, and chili pepper. Native Hawaiian’s have always enjoyed the offerings of the vast Pacific Ocean, ranging from delicate shallow reef fish to large, hearty deep ocean tunas. Native Hawaiians would take these fish and carefully dice the meat add sun, dried sea salt, Limu (fresh seaweed), and Inamona (roasted and crushed kukui nut); they called this preparation I’amaka. As more multicultural influences came to the islands via immigration and industry, the dish evolved into what it is distinctively today.

The classic preparation began to incorporate soy sauce and sesame oil from Asia brought by farm laborers in the pineapple and sugar plantations, and chili peppers and onions brought by explorers and missionaries from Europe and the Americas. Fast forward to the 1970’s as the dish was gaining in popularity, it started to be called “Poke”, which means “to slice or cut crosswise into pieces”. From home to tables to restaurants and markets, the dish was offered in endless varieties with bountiful ingredients. Poke slowly and quietly made its way to the mainland, and across the country. Now the international phenomenon has made its way to Charlotte, NC where HI Tide Poke & Raw Bar is calling home.

HI Tide has brought together Charlotte’s premiere boutique seafood and meat distributor “Meat & Fish Co.”, two highly successful restaurateurs, and passionate chefs to create a memorable experience at an affordable price. With the ethos to find the highest quality ingredients from all over the world that have been sustainably produced and responsibly sourced,customers can be sure that Hi Tide Poke & Raw Bar are just as committed to environmental responsibility as they are to providing a delicious, authentic Poke experience.